photinia serratifolia "crunchy"®



Vaso C 9 lt - Cespuglio

Questa nuova selezione si distingue per il nuovo fogliame color cioccolato e il bordo dentellato della foglia. Ideale per siepi e fioriere. Foglie: Variano secondo la crescita Clima: Temperato Temperatura Minima: -15 °C

MPS Certificated

Our company was set up in the seventies in the heart of Pistoia by Stefano Baronti: his passion for plants and a strong ambition, has got the company to where it is today. Passion and ambition: the same characteristies that lead the new generation today, attentive to new growing techniques aimed at optimising production and improving the quality of the work. From a small piece of land, year after year, we now grow plants on 12 hectars in pots and planted in the soil.

Our experience, tradition and transformation has made us a modern and dynamic company with a passion for our work thewe trasmetted to our client.

AIMS: to continue to invest in the growth of the company always guaranteens high standard of production looking at the future and keeping tradition