euonymus japonicus



Pot C 9 lt - Bush

Evergreen shrub with dense, upright habit. The bark of the young branches in green and later become brown. Leaves from obvate to narrowly oval, leathery, toothed, glossy dark green. Very resistant to maritime climate, grows well in all types of soil, even sandy as long as it is permeable. Withstands any type of pruning and is used in hedges in maritime localities. Often grown in troughs.

MPS Certificated

Our company was set up in the seventies in the heart of Pistoia by Stefano Baronti: his passion for plants and a strong ambition, has got the company to where it is today. Passion and ambition: the same characteristies that lead the new generation today, attentive to new growing techniques aimed at optimising production and improving the quality of the work. From a small piece of land, year after year, we now grow plants on 12 hectars in pots and planted in the soil.

Our experience, tradition and transformation has made us a modern and dynamic company with a passion for our work thewe trasmetted to our client.

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